North America Users’ Meeting and Training Course

May 23-24 2018, NYC

We are thrilled to be hosting the third edition of our annual meeting for Aimsun software users in North America. Please watch this space for updates on the program of events.

Users’ Meeting, Wednesday May 23rd


Ace Hotel
16 West 29th Street, Liberty Hall
New York, NY 10001



9:15-10:45: SESSION 1


Aimsun News

What’s New in Aimsun Next – Paolo Rinelli, Aimsun

Siemens and Aimsun: Together in the Mobility Revolution – Priscilla Boyd, Siemens

10:45-11:00 BREAK

11:00-12:30: SESSION 2

Long Island Expressway Managed Lanes / Hard Shoulder – Luc Senh & Russell Wight, WSP

The Lower Hudson Transit Link – Lian Duan & Alexander Van Hout, Arup

Calibrating an Oversaturated Environment Using Aimsun Next Microsimulation – Vardhan Gogineni, KLD

12:30-1:30 LUNCH

1:30-3:00: SESSION 3

Planning a Great City TOgether using Aimsun Software – Matt Davis, City of Toronto

A Brief History of Offline and Online Traffic Signal Network Optimization – Dave Richardson, WSP

Roadway Modeling at Quebec DOT: Development of the Mesoscopic Methodology – Pascal Volet, on behalf of Québec DOT (MTMDET)

3:00-3:15 BREAK


Aimsun Next for Transit Applications – Kayne Cheung and Diane Xiao, GPI

Coordinated Ramp Metering – François Bélisle, Math Mobile, Inc.

Calibration of the Roundabout Microscopic Simulation Model in Aimsun Next Using Gap Acceptance Data – John Hourdos, University of Minnesota

4:45-5:00 BREAK

5:00-6:00: SESSION 4

Generating O/D Matrices in Seconds with DB4IoT – Eimar Boesjes, Moonshadow Mobile, Inc.

Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC): Going Beyond Longitudinal Speed Control – Paolo Rinelli, Aimsun

Social event

You are warmly invited to join us for complementary drinks and finger food at the bar in the Ace Hotel, immediately after the Users’ Meeting. This event will last until 8pm.

Training Course, Thursday May 24th

“Maximizing New Features in Aimsun Next 8.2”

As always, we’ll be following the meeting with a one-day custom training course/workshop on Thursday May 24th. The course will cover the latest features in our software and how to get the most out of them, with special attention on the following topics:

  • New distribution and modal split processes
  • Public transport assignment with congestion and crowding
  • Consistency between static macroscopic assignment and dynamic assignment
  • Demand preparation: departure adjustment, dynamic adjustment, peak spreading
  • New options for DUE and improved RGap analysis
  • Car-following model extension for congested highways

Training Course Location

Our training course will take place in the WeWork NoMad building, near the Flatiron Building.

NoMad WeWork
79 Madison Ave
New York NY 10016

Prices and registration

Users’ Meeting: 100 USD

Speakers: free

Training course: 200 USD

For prices and registration, please contact

NAAUM - North American Aimsun Users' Meeting 2018 Our North America Users’ Meeting will be held in the Ace Hotel

Location of Users’ Meeting: the Ace Hotel

NAAUM - North American Aimsun Users' Meeting 2018 Entrance to the Ace Hotel

NAAUM - North American Aimsun Users' Meeting 2018 Join us at the Breslin Bar in the Ace Hotel after the event for complementary drinks and finger food

North American Aimsun Users' Meeting 2018 Venue for the Training Course:NoMad WeWork

Location of the Training Course venue

North American Aimsun Users' Meeting 2018 Training course on maximising the new features in Aimsun Next modeling software