Real-time traffic management or short-term prediction?

Traffic Technology International, Nov 2018: Given the many real-time adaptive traffic management systems already in operation, why do we need short-term prediction, decision support systems and predictive modeling?


New release: Aimsun Next 8.3

Presenting the fastest version of Aimsun Next, ever. We’ve done the impossible by parallelizing the event-based mesoscopic simulation, streamlining the APA files, improving the way we operate on OD matrices and optimizing the time consuming processes in macro and micro.


Aimsun software in app to promote clean air routes for exercise

EarthSense has announced development of a new app in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Aimsun. The app will identify and map the cleanest air routes, allowing users to find the least polluted options when walking, running or cycling.


Siemens and Aimsun announce acquisition deal

Intertraffic Amsterdam Daily News, March 2018: In the biggest deal announced at the show, electronics giant Siemens acquired mobility modeling specialist Aimsun for an undisclosed sum.


Siemens acquires Aimsun

Siemens announces at Intertraffic Amsterdam that Aimsun SL will complement the existing Siemens portfolio in the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) segment. Closing is planned for April 2018.


A Green Light for Buses

Traffic and Transit, Winter 2018: Aimsun Next modeling software is part of the revolutionary transit signal priority system in New York City – by Mark Yedlin (GPI) and Ernest Athanailos (NYCDOT).


Simulant el tramvia de Sydney

Mobilicat, gener 2018: Rob Dus (GTA Consultants) ens ofereix un informe sobre el model de trànsit híbrid per a l’operació del nou sistema de transport al centre de Sydney, Austràlia.


Aimsun for Barcelona tram development, ITS Review ITS-UK, January 2017

The Royal Automobile Club of Catalunya, known as the RACC, has presented a study using Aimsun software that analyses the impact of a proposal to join up Barcelona’s two existing tram networks. The model covers 21 junctions in and around Avinguda Diagonal – a major thoroughfare in the city.


‘Real-time California’, Intertraffic World 2017 Showcase, December 2016

Thanks to the success of the ICM system, the FHWA has launched an ambitious project to develop advanced next generation Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (AMS) capabilities to evaluate the benefits of USDOT’s Advanced Travel Demand Management (ATDM) and Dynamic Mobility Applications (DMA) Connected Vehicle Programs.


New release: Aimsun Next 8.1.4

New features in this minor update include 2-lane car-following in adjacent subpaths, subpaths outputs by entry and exit section and subpath trajectories.

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