Digital Twins

AV International magazine, October 2019: Gavin Jackman explains how
creating a digital twin of the real world enables safe exploration
of autonomous and connected vehicle technology.


Synergy PRIME multi-level modelling

May 2019: The Alan Turing Institute team has integrated population growth projections, agent-based modelling and Aimsun traffic simulation to assist the development of intelligent transport systems.


Final release of Aimsun Next 8.4

May 2019: The final release of Aimsun Next 8.4 features enhanced modeling capability for connected and autonomous vehicles at different levels of detail.


How to win the battle against rising vehicle emissions

Traffic Technology International, Mar 2019: Siemens and Aimsun are contributing to the low carbon goals of London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone, introduced on 8th April 2019, and to expand to the whole of inner London by October 2021.


Fokus Smart City: Städtische Bastelarbeit

VDI nachrichten, 24. Januar 2019: Die Digitalisierung bietet Chancen für Kommunen. Weltweit haben sich Städte auf den Weg zur Smart City gemacht. Doch Schnelligkeit allein entscheidet nicht.


LAMBDA-V: artificial intelligence starts with human data

Intelligent Transport Magazine, Jan 2019: Andy Graham, LAMBDA-V Project Manager, details how collecting the informal rules of driving could help highly autonomous vehicles learn about how human drivers really use UK roads.

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