New TRANSYT-Aimsun link is compatible with Aimsun 8

February 2014

TRL Software has released a new 15.0.1 version of its TRANSYT (Traffic Network and Isolated Intersection Study Tool) software. Version 15 of the off-line computer program was launched last September, providing enhanced operating systems and additional tools, making it easier and faster to use. The new upgraded version 15.0.1 is now available, and one highlight is the new TRANSYT-Aimsun LINK 2, which is the second version of an innovative linking product that allows TRANSYT 15 to link to both Aimsun 7 and Aimsun 8, with links to both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Aimsun. The enhancement makes it possible to import and control any combination of fixed time controllers, irrespective of what cycle time they are running and caters for multiple cycle times within TRANSYT.

Read more about the TRANSYT-Aimsun link here.