New Distributor for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

We are delighted to announce that Aimsun now has an official distributor in the Andean republics of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Mr Klaus Banse is General Manager of the international consulting firm Sistemas Inteligentes de Transporte (SIT) Ltda, based in Colombia, and is also President of ITS Colombia.

Mr Banse worked as Senior Transportation Policy Advisor to the Colombian government during the Pastrana and Uribe administrations and brings his wealth of experience to SIT, which is now in its tenth year of project management in developing markets and the design of telematic applications and systems in the ITS Sector.

Mr Banse signed SIT’s distribution contract with TSS’s Managing Director, Mr Jaime L. Ferrer, on 1st February 2013. In their first act of collaboration, SIT and TSS will be exhibiting side-by-side at AndinaTraffic in Bogotá on 18th and 19th March 2013. Contact details:

Sistemas Inteligentes de Transporte Ltda. Carrera 8 No 15 – 80 Oficina 602 Bogotá, D.C. Colombia Contact person: Klaus Banse

For further information about the upcoming Aimsun course in Bogotá on 15 and 16 March, click here.