Latest release: Aimsun 8.0.6

Release date: 25 July 2014

The latest version of Aimsun, 8.0.6, is now available for download.

What enhancements to expect in Aimsun 8.0.6

  • The Legion for Aimsun engine in Aimsun 8.0.6 is compatible with the new release of SpaceWorks, 5.1
  • Microscopic detailed vehicle trajectories now include vehicle speed, acceleration and distance travelled
  • microSDK files are now included in the main installer (located in the programming subfolder ‘Aimsun microSDK’)
  • Updated tutorials
  • The Windows 64bit version of Aimsun allows you to store outputs in Access 64bit

Issues in Aimsun 8.0.5 that we have addressed in Aimsun 8.0.6

  • You can now use the Validation tab folder of an experiment
  • The Windows 32bit version of Aimsun can now store outputs correctly in Access 32bits

Software Update Subscription (SUS)

Please note that to use Aimsun 8.0.6 your Software Update Subscription (SUS) must have been valid in or after January 2013. There are no Fast Track features in Aimsun 8.0.6 but you will only have access to all of the Fast Track features in Aimsun 8.0.1 through to Aimsun 8.0.4 if your SUS was valid in or after November 2013.


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Modelling pedestrian and vehicle interaction with Legion for Aimsun – the Aimsun 8.0.6 Legion for Aimsun plug-in is compatible with the latest release of SpaceWorks, 5.1