New release: Aimsun 8.0.4 is ready for download!

To get the best possible performance out of your Aimsun software, we recommend that you update as soon as possible to version 8.0.4.

A key enhancement in Aimsun 8.0.4 is the inclusion of the pedestrian simulator Legion for Aimsun in the 64-bit version for Windows (this is in addition to the 32-bit version for Windows that was already available).

Other enhancements in Aimsun 8.0.4 include:

  • Validation and data comparison is available for a subinterval of the simulated period; Aimsun automatically aggregates statistical period and real data set data as appropriate.
  • Improved treatment of the replication and vehicle selection in the view modes.

We have also addressed the issues reported for Aimsun 8.0.3, particularly the fact that some users reported viruses when using Aimsun. This problem is due to the license system triggering a false alarm in some types of anti-virus software. Aimsun 8.0.4 uses a new version of the license system that will minimise this problem in the future.

Aimsun license holders can download and install Aimsun 8.0.4 here.

For further information please email

We wish you all the best with Aimsun 8.0.4!

Modelling pedestrian and vehicle interaction with Legion for Aimsun – now available in the 64-bit version for Windows