Aimsun 7 is here!

Aimsun 7 takes integration to a whole new level with the introduction of the hybrid simulator. This eagerly awaited tool allows users to model very large-scale networks mesoscopically whilst zooming in microscopically on any areas that require greater granularity, blending superior computational efficiency with accurate representation of traffic dynamics.

At a deeper level, the advent of hybrid simulation marks a sea change in how traffic models will be conceived. “Whereas models were previously used once and then discarded, the hybrid makes it possible for the first time to build demand models on a larger and larger scale using a single all-in-one package,” says Jaime Ferrer, managing director of TSS-Transport Simulation Systems. “There’s no cumbersome manual interfacing between macroscopic and microscopic models and no need to be updating and revising separate models with independent networks and databases. Now you can consolidate your traffic planning modelling in one multi-purpose, multi-layer simulation suite. New models will be built to last.”

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Aimsun 7 Hybrid Simulation