AITPM Transport Modellers Network Forum: Activity and/or Tour-Based Modelling

24 May 2016

AITPM Transport Modellers Network Forum: Activity and/or Tour-Based Modelling – A step worth taking?


In his role as role as convenor of the AITPM Transport Modellers Network in Australia, Dave Keenan is chairing this afternoon forum on activity and tour-based modelling with Pedro Camargo (Veitch Lister Consulting) and Tom van Vuren (Mott MacDonald).

4-Step Travel Demand Modelling has been a tradition in the field of transportation planning for many years. Currently there are new “paradigms” being developed and tested at varying locations around the world: activity-based modelling has more traction in the US and in parts of Europe, while tour-based (trip chain) modelling registers notable applications in the UK and in Sydney.

It could also be argued that in these days of significant changes in network user behaviours and of associated travelling habits, activity and/or tour-based modelling, with all the inherent additional data and complexities which are potentially involved, are perhaps “steps too far”.


Yarra Room, WSP-Parson Brinckerhoff Level 15, Freshwater Place Southbank Melbourne VIC 3000

Programme of events
5:00 – 5:30pm

Welcome and introduction – Dave Keenan (TSS)

5:05 – 5:20pm

Overview of Tour Based and Activity Based Modelling – Tom van Vuren (Mott MacDonald)

5:20 – 5:45pm

Activity Based Modelling – U.S. Perspectives and Experience – Pedro Camargo (Veitch Lister Consulting)

5:45 – 6:10pm

Tour Based Modelling – U.K. Perspective and Experience – Tom van Vuren (Mott MacDonald)

6:10 – 6:30pm

Panel questions and audience debate – chaired by Dave Keenan

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