TSS wins role in Horizon 2020 SETA project to cut congestion with data

The new European project known as SETA aims to change the way mobility is organised, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas. The project is funded by the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020.


A consortium led by the University of Sheffield and involving 13 European partners, including TSS, the ‘SETA’ project will use big data (essentially large, complex dynamic data from millions of citizens, thousands of connected cars, thousands of city sensors and hundreds of distributed databases) to understand and model mobility with a precision and granularity that is impossible with today’s technologies. The resulting models will inform decision makers on how to improve town planning and infrastructure, as well as provide support for individual citizens to plan their journeys in a more efficient and sustainable way.


TSS will be involved in particular in exploring and developing mobility prediction models and the use of big data in simulation-based models, including the improvement of calibration techniques by adding new data sources, and the extension of the state of the art of demand estimation and calibration.


The project has case studies in Birmingham (UK), Turin (Italy) and Santander (Spain) and will release the first version of the technology to citizens and decision makers in 15 months.


SETA will create methodologies and technologies for:


  1. Effective and efficient gathering of large-scale heterogeneous data and information sensed by physical sensors, mobile devices, collected over large scale through citizens’ direct contributions, as well as derived from institutional, public and private bases
  2. Designing and developing real-time, personalised and ubiquitous transport and mobility services for citizens and businesses
  3. Designing and developing a dashboard for decision makers which will allow effective daily and long-term planning of transport in the metropolitan areas, as well as support resilience and safety of mobility


Official SETA website

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