New release: Free Aimsun Next Viewer

By popular demand, and as part of a growing range of measures to aid working from home, Aimsun has launched the Aimsun Next Viewer. The Viewer is totally free of charge and allows third parties to check mobility model outputs remotely, even if they don’t have access to Aimsun Next modeling software themselves.


“From a consultancy perspective this is really exciting,” says Paolo Rinelli, Global Head of Product Management at Aimsun. “The Viewer will save so much time and effort: if project owners have a direct window into the transport modeling team’s progress, it gives them more agency in analyzing outputs, which in turn enables closer involvement, better communication during a project, and a more efficient workflow.”


The Viewer’s focused functionality means that even non-modelers will find it easy to operate. It allows a remote project owner, stakeholder or consultant to replay a recorded simulation or to retrieve data from a previous execution of any Aimsun Next model. Users of the Viewer are free to filter and customize what they see, but since there is no need to make changes, there are no editing functions and the focus is entirely on visualization.


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