New release: Aimsun 8.1.2

Release date: 10 November 2015

The latest version of Aimsun, 8.1.2, is now ready for download.


Aimsun 8.1.2 brings you the following Fast Track features (available to users with a Software Update Subscription valid in November 2015):


Dynamic User Equilibrium enhancements:


  • The option to use only the path set from an input APA file in the assignment
  • A new gradient-based method
  • The option to ignore paths with a percentage of use below a predefined percentage


And also:


  • A beta version of the Dynamic OD Adjustment; the final version will be ready for the future Aimsun 8.1.2 release but the beta is currently available upon request via
  • An interface with SCATS ITS Dataport for users with access to the Adaptive Control Interfaces license
  • A beta version of a SIDRA INTERSECTION control plan importer/exporter (available on request from


Aimsun 8.1.2 also features the following non Fast Track updates:


  • Legion for Aimsun compatible with SpaceWorks R6.2
  • Sentinel drivers updated to version 7.40 and 7.41


Please note that to use Aimsun 8.1.2 your Software Upgrade Subscription (SUS) must have been valid on or after January 2015.


To help us keep track of everything, please email your suggestions, comments or questions about any issues you encounter to


For further general information please email


We wish you all the best with Aimsun 8.1.2!

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