New Pedestrian Simulator in Aimsun Next

Aimsun Next 20 now includes an embedded pedestrian simulator. Part of the main installer, the simulator is free, super fast, simulates an unlimited number of pedestrians, and works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

The embedded pedestrian simulator doesn’t replace the previously offered Legion for Aimsun plug-in. The two simulators are complementary and serve different use cases:

When to use the Aimsun Next Pedestrian Simulator

Our new in-house Aimsun Next pedestrian simulator targets mobility engineers: it is designed to model the movement of pedestrians on sidewalks, the interaction between pedestrians and traffic at crosswalks, and the boarding and alighting process at public transport stops. The focus is on ease of use, speed, multi-platform support and deep integration with the Aimsun Next platform to extend the mobility modeling workflow (for example the possibility of using Dynamic Public Transport Assignment to get skims for the four-step model).


When to use the Legion for Aimsun plug-in

Legion for Aimsun targets pedestrian engineers working with OpenBuildings Station Designer and Legion Simulator: it is designed to model the interaction between pedestrians and traffic around pedestrian facilities ranging from stations to sport venues, and the activities of pedestrians inside those facilities, including the use of escalators, elevators, turnstiles, vending machines and so on.

How to choose

If you previously used the free Base edition of Legion for Aimsun (or you paid for the Lite or Extra modules just because of the higher pedestrian demand they support), you will likely want to switch to using the Aimsun Next pedestrian simulator now. Why? Not only does it support everything that you could do before, but it has no limit on the number of pedestrians. Unlike Legion for Aimsun, it is not limited to Windows and also runs in Mac and Linux. It’s also faster and it doesn’t require a separate license. Editing is also quicker, as you no longer have to create obstacles around the road sections and the buildings imported from OpenStreetMap, because pedestrians automatically recognise those objects as non-accessible space. And if you have models already built for Legion for Aimsun, the new pedestrian simulation can run them with no modifications.

If you used Legion for Aimsun Lite or Extra to create service points, or in combination with Legion SpaceWorks to model the interior of facilities, Legion for Aimsun should remain your choice, as the new Aimsun Next pedestrian simulator doesn’t support these functionalities.

How to get Legion for Aimsun

Legion for Aimsun licensing is now handled directly by Bentley, the owner and developer of Legion software. Bentley will grant Aimsun Next users a free 1-month trial version of Legion for Aimsun Base and thereafter it is a paid module. To be clear, this means that the Legion for Aimsun Base module is no longer included free of charge in Aimsun Next as it has been replaced by our free in-house pedestrian simulator.

The new Legion for Aimsun API from Bentley is compatible with Aimsun Next 8.4.3 onwards as an additional plug-in, separate from the main installer. If your Legion for Aimsun license has expired, the renewal is available only for Aimsun Next 8.4.3 onwards, and will be handled exclusively by Bentley. If your Legion for Aimsun license is still active, you can of course continue using it in previous versions of Aimsun Next.

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