Aimsun Live technology trial in Singapore now complete

Aimsun has just completed an extensive technology trial in collaboration with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) to develop a real-time traffic simulation and predictive system in Aimsun Live.

The trial aims to evaluate how the latest traffic simulation-based solutions and prediction capabilities of Aimsun Live can assist LTA in managing traffic conditions better, faster and more effectively, supporting decision-making related to current and future traffic challenges.

The system will:

• Predict near future traffic conditions, simulate the impact of different traffic response plans to recommend the best plan for implementation;

• Integrate the different levels of simulation models in Aimsun Next into a single platform for coherent usage by different user groups;

• Use traffic data to automatically adjust the traffic demands to accurately simulate the ongoing recorded demand situation; and

• Support historical event evaluation and study the impact of future modes of transportation.


This is also the first time where our Aimsun Live has been linked to SCATSIM in Singapore to emulate the actual adaptive traffic signal control of the SCATS system; this link will provide a more accurate representation of the real-time traffic signal operations.

Connected and autonomous vehicles

Looking ahead into our future transport options, this trial has incorporated connected autonomous vehicles behavior in a mixed behavior environment and demonstrated the future possibilities of having connected autonomous vehicles in the Singapore network.


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