HARMONY H2020: launch of project to develop tools for sustainable urban mobility

June 7th is the public launch event for the €7.4m HARMONY H2020 project. HARMONY envisages developing a new generation of harmonised spatial and multimodal transport planning tools, which will comprehensively model the dynamics of the changing transport sector and spatial organization; the hope is that these tools will help metropolitan area authorities to lead the transition to a low carbon new mobility era in a sustainable manner.


The HARMONY model suite integrates land-use models, people, freight activity-based models and multimodal network models so that authorities can take a vertical approach to analysing the sustainability of policies while also meeting COP22 targets, social equality and wellbeing.


The HARMONY model suite is linked to an EU-wide model to further identify the impact of the concepts and technologies on the TEN-T level. HARMONY’s concepts and the model suite will be tested across six EU sites: Rotterdam (Nl), Oxfordshire (UK), Turin (IT), Athens (GR), Trikala (GR) and Silesian-Zaglebie Metropolis (Pl).


As a consortium member, Aimsun’s main contribution in HARMONY will be in WP7 Supply and Multimodal Network Models, where Aimsun will lead the update and extension of the land-network models at operational level. Aimsun will benefit through the ability to work with and integrate new models for Multimodal Services based on agent-based approach, Air Traffic Networks, Energy and emissions and noise. Further, the integration of the operational model, into the overall model suite allows Aimsun to develop its interoperability with other systems as well as its ability to deal with multimodal controllers and gain an understanding of the roadmaps that are evolving governing simulation model developments toward the goals in new mobility era.


Public launch programme for Harmony H2020.

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