CAPRI: Aimsun in UK R&D consortium for connected and autonomous pods

CAPRI (Connected & Autonomous POD on-Road Implementation) is a £4.2-million project led by AECOM, aimed at the design, development and testing of new autonomous and connected pods on-demand (PODs), culminating in on-road public trials at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Aimsun has achieved new success as part of one of the winning consortia in the recent CCAV2 competition run by Innovate UK and the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV). The CAPRI Project (Connected & Autonomous POD on-Road Implementation) aims to deliver a pilot scheme that could pave the way for the use of connected and autonomous vehicles to move people around airports, hospitals, business parks, shopping and tourist centres. This follows success in 2016 with the award of the Flourish Project.

The project will include the development of the next generation of PODs, as well as the systems and technologies that will allow the vehicles to navigate safely and seamlessly in a range of environments. The consortium will also look at how the network can harness data to enable location, positioning and on-demand services. It is anticipated that evidence collected through the pilot will provide sufficient detail to enable and support a new vehicle classification for the PODs. The CAPRI consortium comprises 20 organisations, led by AECOM. Aside from Aimsun these include: AXA, Burges Salmon, Conigital, dynniq, ESP Group, Fusion Processing, Heathrow, Loughborough University, NEXOR, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, South Gloucestershire Council, University of Warwick, University of Bristol, thingful, TVS, University of the West of England, Westfield and YTL.

CAPRI will involve four trials, with the first on private land at Filton Airfield near Bristol, where consortium member YTL is developing a major new community. The aim of this trial will be to test and validate the performance of the new generation PODs. The second trial will test a public service in a shopping centre car park to assess performance in busy pedestrian areas. The final two trials will be at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a large and diverse estate that includes retail, recreation, residential and business centres. The first of these trials will test a public on-demand mobility service, with the PODs identifying and navigating the best routes. The final public trial will test the PODs on a network of roads around the park, with the service interacting with traffic control systems.

In addition to impact assessment and assisting in the design of management strategies for the use of PODs at the Olympic Park, Aimsun will also be playing a role in the Verification and Validation (V&V) of the POD control systems allowing the safety evaluation to be undertaken of ‘corner cases’ in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

AECOM-led Consortium Secures Funding for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Pilot Scheme

Innovate UK official CAPRI brochure

CAPRI: Aimsun wins new role in UK Government-funded consortium to lead R&D in connected and autonomous POD on-road implementation

CAPRI: Aimsun wins new role in UK Government-funded consortium to lead R&D in connected and autonomous POD on-road implementation

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