September 6, 2021

Aimsun’s transport management solution nominated for Highways Award

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been nominated for Best Use of New Technology in the Highways Industry category at the 2021 Highways Awards, to be held in October. The nomination recognises a pioneering solution that fuses transport modeling, live traffic information and air quality monitoring to better manage traffic flow. Called “NEVFMA”, the solution was delivered for National Highways in collaboration with EarthSense, Oxfordshire County Council and Yunex Traffic, with Aimsun as lead partner. 


NEVFMA stands for “Network Emissions and Vehicle Flow Management Adjustment” and the project used modelling and intelligent transport systems (ITS) to predict improvements in traffic flow targeting the mitigation of harmful NO2 emissions on the Strategic Road Network and local roads in Oxfordshire. It has been shown to reduce emissions by 14% and have a positive effect on air quality 66% of the time.

The project fuses real-time traffic information, data from air quality sensors (including a new signal infrastructure integrated design), and transport modelling. The solution manages traffic by predicting congestion and testing mitigation strategies before the jam or air quality exceedance have built up. 


“What I like about this project is that it uses resources that almost every local authority already has to make a real difference,” commented Aimsun’s UK Managing Director Gavin Jackman.  “They have an urban traffic control system that allows traffic light signal timing to be adapted in real time as traffic conditions require, and they own variable message signs and have links with radio broadcasts and sat nav devices to interact with the driver.  They have access to accurate traffic information and air quality data.  Any equipment they do not have is relatively inexpensive. By using the NEVFMA concept, they can better manage their traffic, keeping vehicles away from areas with a high concentration of pollutants and better managing the demand on the network to level the load across roads.  The system reuses existing authority assets to develop, giving both an accelerated start up time of under nine months, and excellent value for money.”


The Highways Awards take place on Wednesday October 20th in London.


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