Aimsun shortlisted for ITS UK Innovation Award

Aimsun has been shortlisted for the ITS (UK) Awards! Our submission showed how our traffic management solution can significantly improve air quality; trials in Oxfordshire showed an average 7% decrease in emissions, with improvements of up to 40% recorded on some days. 

The name of the project up for the award is ‘NEVFMA’, which stands for ‘Network Emissions/Vehicle Flow Management Adjustment’. It uses Aimsun’s short-term predictions for traffic and nitrogen dioxide dispersion to help traffic control center operators know where and when congestion (and therefore emissions) will build up. Not only that, the system also simulates and recommends the most effective traffic management decisions to make to minimize congestion.


NEVFMA was funded by Highways England and delivered in partnership with EarthSenseSiemens Mobility/Yunex Traffic and Oxfordshire County Council.


Results will be announced on November 25th.  

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