Aimsun Next 20.0.3 is ready

Version 20.0.3 is ready to download from

In this update, we’d like to highlight two of our Fast Track features, smoother network imports, and a change to how OD matrix desire lines are drawn.  

Fast Track features 

First up are our two main Fast Track features. 


Record a movie file from a recorded simulation 

From this release, you can record a movie file (AVI) at the same time as you are playing back the simulation that you might have recorded as an output during the initial simulation. When you play back the recorded simulation (an ARF file) by right-clicking Replication > Play Recorded Simulation, you can now also click the red Record button on the playback toolbar to record and save a movie file. As before, you first need to set your movie file preferences in Edit > Preferences > Microsimulator. 


While recording, you can click the Record button to pause and then restart your recording while the playback is running. This means that you can record selected portions of the playback in your movie file, rather than the whole run. You can also pan, zoom, and focus on particular details while paused or while recording. 

Record a movie file from a recorded simulation

Service points are now enabled in the Aimsun pedestrian simulator 

Service Point objects are now enabled in Aimsuns in-built pedestrian simulator. Service points represent areas where pedestrians can wait for a definable amount of time and then continue on their paths. You can use them to model information boards, ATMs, and shops, etc. You can also create and orientate pedestrian queues at service points. 



Other improvements

Importing networks with OpenDRIVE 

OpenDRIVE is a popular open-source format for describing the logic of a road network. You can already use OpenDRIVE files with Aimsun Next but we have made the following improvements to these imports:


  • Accurate and consistent application of offsets 
  • Smoother lines because of more points being computed 
  • Better implementation of spiral geometries 
  • More accurate rendering of nodes, especially those within roundabouts 
  • Small and irrelevant streets that caused problems are now skipped. 


Drawing desire lines (or not) 

The OD Matrix dialog now has a new checkbox labeled ‘Draw Desire Lines’ which enables you to display desire lines in the 2D view when required. The box is unticked by default because drawing desire lines can impact performance, depending on the complexity of the network. Previously, desire lines were always drawn. 


You’ll find the complete list of new improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes section of the Aimsun Next User’s Manual. 



Software Update Subscription  

If you have a SUS valid from April 2020, you’re ready to use Aimsun Next 20.0.3To enjoy the Fast Track features, you’ll need a SUS valid from April 2021. To renew your SUS, write to us and we’ll be happy to help. 


If you have any technical issues with this new release, please let us know at 


We wish you all the best with Aimsun Next 20.0.3.

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