New range of academic licenses now available!

We are well established in academia: nearly 200 universities in 48 countries use Aimsun software for academic purposes, including more than half of the top 50 universities in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.


Our new suite of Academic offerings is easy to understand, just look at the four options available and choose what suits you best: we have licenses for professors and postdocs, for classroom teaching, for PhD researchers and a completely free new license for Students. There’s no fussing over modules and editions: ALL of our academic licenses are for our Expert edition, the most powerful edition of Aimsun Next traffic modeling software, so you can access static and dynamic (equilibrium) traffic assignment, mesoscopic, microscopic and hybrid mesoscopic-microscopic simulation along with OD matrix manipulation tools – all in a single, integrated environment.


Research License: Subscribe to our new Research License and you’ll enjoy the most powerful mobility modeling software available on the market, at a tiny fraction of normal commercial prices.


Classroom License: For each Research License that you subscribe to, we’ll include a FREE subscription to a Classroom License over the same period so that your students can try out Aimsun modeling software in the lab.


Student License: Students can now try the most powerful edition of our modeling software, completely FREE! Apply for your Student License online and install our software on your personal computer so that you can take your university lab projects home with you.


Postgraduate License: If you need to go beyond the limitations of a Student License and want to work with more advanced options such as API, V2X or external agents (to name just a few), then we can help you with that too!


Check out our full range of academic offerings and subscribe to the one that fits your needs:

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