New release: Aimsun 7.0.3

Aimsun 7.0.3 is now complete and ready for download.

In terms of importer enhancements, the main improvement is that the VISUM Importer now supports VISUM networks in version 8.1.

An important addition for the user interface (UI) in Aimsun 7.0.3 is that it is now available in Russian, to accommodate our growing Russian-speaking user base.

In terms of dynamic simulation, simulation speed when simulating a network is faster than ever, the Route Choice folder in the Dynamic Experiment Editor has been renamed the Dynamic Traffic Assignment folder for greater accuracy (the Stochastic Route Choice and Dynamic User Equilibrium parameters are located inside this folder) and Forced Turn traffic management actions now have a visibility distance to allow vehicles to position themselves in the appropriate lane in advance.

In addition we have fixed bugs in: actuated control, blockages at the meso-micro boundaries of a hybrid DUE, public transport schedules that cross over midnight, and stop time output for public transport vehicles.

If you would like further information about a specific feature or need guidance on how to download and install Aimsun 7.0.3, please contact

Force Turning Editor
DTA Folder: Dynamic Experiment Editor