New release: Aimsun 7.0.2

Hot on the heels of Aimsun 7.0.1 comes this latest version. We recommend the update to all Aimsun users but 7.0.2 is of special interest to those of you with the Small or Standard edition; you will find you can now open networks smoothly and any crashes you may have experienced in 7.0.1 are resolved.

Linux users will be pleased to know that this time they can join in too: the Linux version is now available. Other enhancements in Aimsun 7.0.2 include:

  • An improved lane selector for turnings in microsimulations using Aimsun 7.0 models
  • Correct outputs for fuel consumption by vehicle type in a microsimulation
  • In mesoscopic simulations, improvements in the model for choosing lanes for vehicles heading towards an off-ramp means that it now generates more accurate flows by lane
  • Correct display of the standard deviations in the time series outputs
  • Improved Saturn interface

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Viewing flow by lane in a mesoscopic simulation in Aimsun 7.0.2