Why you should update your license when you renew your SUS

Technical Note #2

February 2014

by Sara Pardo

We have a new licensing system that works by storing the licence information on the dongle.
Each time you update your SUS (Software Update Subscription), you will receive a file that you need to apply to your dongle; you only need to do this once.


Updating your Aimsun licence

By applying the license update when you receive it you will avoid annoying messages like this.


Remember: the person who receives the update might not necessarily be the person who uses the software but an administrator or somebody in the accounts department. Users need to request the update if they do not receive it once they know that the payment has gone through.


To update the licence is very simple:


1.Save the file

2.Connect the dongle to the PC

3.Go to http://localhost:1947/_int_/checkin.html

4.Click on ‘Choose File’

5.Select the file

6.Click on ‘Apply File’


That’s it!

Updating your Aimsun licence

Click to enlarge: updating your license


Once you’ve gone through the steps, just plug your Aimsun dongle into any computer you wish and after installing Aimsun it will launch without copying any additional files.


Taking a few minutes to update your license ensures that the new versions of Aimsun always launch when you need them to.

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