Simulation Vehicle Attributes

Technical Note #3

March 2014

From Aimsun 7 onwards, vehicle information has included i) the zone in which the vehicle is located (values 1, 2 or 3), ii) any obstacles in its way, iii) the vehicle’s distance from that obstacle. All this could be visualised in a view style and displayed during the simulation to help with calibration and understanding the model.

View styles in Aimsun 7. View style example: the red vehicle is in Zone 3 owing to the proximity of the right-hand turn (only 18 metres away) and the fact that the car is not correctly positioned in the right-hand lane.


In Aimsun 8.0.2 vehicles have new attributes that give users even more information. The information focuses above all on vehicle cooperation.


  • Applying Cooperation With Vehicle (int id)
  • Receiving Cooperation From Vehicle id_(int id)
  • Trying To Change Lane Behind Vehicle id_(int id)
  • Left Lane Changing Requested For Cooperation (True/False)
  • Right Lane Changing Requested For Cooperation (True/False)

View styles in Aimsun 8. View style example: now as well as observing that the red car is in Zone 3 owing to a turn 18 metres away, Aimsun also tells us that vehicle 13596 is cooperating to try and leave space in front of it but that the vehicle intends to overtake the bus, vehicle number 12048.

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