22nd JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition

20-21 September 2017, Warwick

At the 22nd edition of the annual JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition, Pete Sykes will be presenting “Simulating VANets with FLOURISH”.

FLOURISH is a multi-sector, collaborative project helping to advance the successful implementation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) in the UK. The project seeks to develop services that maximise the benefits of CAVs for users and for transport authorities with a specific focus on the needs of the older driver in the use of vehicle information systems. The question to be addressed in the simulation work package concerns how to make best use of the rich source of road network data offered by Connected Vehicles, how to process and understand it, how to present it to drivers (or to autonomous vehicle controllers) and how to use it in conjunction with traditional ITS and signals.

To this end, TSS is implementing a VANet (Vehicle Ad-hoc Network) simulation within Aimsun to operate as a test environment to support research and development of in vehicle information and control systems and area wide network management algorithms.

Event programme

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Aimsun JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition, Warwick
Aimsun JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition, Warwick