26th ITS World Congress 2019


October 21-25

October 21-25, 2019, 26th ITS World Congress 2019, Singapore

Join the Aimsun team in Singapore at booth #323 and learn how our smart mobility solutions are empowering cities.

Aimsun is particularly proud of our collaboration with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA). Karen Cheung of our Singapore office will be at the Aimsun booth presenting a video demonstration of how we developed the nation’s first ever demonstration of an integrated real-time traffic simulation and predictive system in Aimsun Live.

The LTA trial incorporated connected autonomous vehicle behavior in a mixed behavior environment and demonstrated the future possibilities of having connected and/or autonomous vehicles in the Singapore network. This is also the first time where our Aimsun Live has been linked to SCATSIM in Singapore to emulate the actual adaptive traffic signal control of the SCATS system. The SCATSIM link will provide a more accurate representation of the real-time traffic signal operations.

For more information, speak to Karen Cheung, or to the rest of our team.

Learn more about the event at the ITS World Congress website.