Intertraffic Amsterdam

Booth #08.406

April 21-24, 2020

Intertraffic, Amsterdam

Aimsun will be attending Intertraffic in Amsterdam. Come and visit our team at booth #08.406 and learn about our new launches.

The traffic technology and automotive industry are undergoing significant technological transformations with cooperation and data sharing becoming key aspects.

The Summit Programme will offer participants the necessary tools to facilitate the mobility transition they are in. Attendees can gather information on mobility innovations and the latest product developments, find solutions to mobility challenges, seek business opportunities or potential partners, get expert advice and debate with other stakeholders.


Mobility Operating System: how cities can regain control over their transportation and mobility.

Dr. Max Eichhorn (Siemens Mobility GmbH)

Dr. Max Eichhorn (Siemens Mobility GmbH)

The mobility ecosystem has changed significantly within the last years and cities lost the control over the mobility and transportation systems due to new mobility players in the market. There are currently no tools, which supports cities to actively manage the demand of the infrastructure, travel behaviour and the throughput in a way that strategic KPIs like air quality, traffic flow or safety are achieved. Today, cities even do not know on a big scale, if the already defined rules (e.g. areas with dedicated speed limits) are respected. Based on our global experience of traffic and overall transportation, Siemens Mobility has developed a new and state-of-the-art software platform, the Mobility Operating System, which provides a holistic overview and enables cities and authorities to set the frame conditions how the public authority and also private companies can offer, in a coordinated manner, mobility services and applications.

Location: Summit Theatre 3
22 April 2020 | 11:00 – 11:30

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