The Global Mobility Executive Forum


November 26-27

November 26-27, 2019, The Global Mobility Executive Forum, Paris

Aurore Remy will attend the Global Mobility Executive Forum in Paris. She is taking part in Siemens Smart Mobility Workshop on November 26 and 27.

Setting the scene

The world is on the brink of a technological revolution, and the movement of people and things is poised to undergo a complete digital transformation. Demand for mobility services and seamless experiences, along with the proliferation of new vehicles and omnipresent connectivity, are creating news ways of getting around— both physically and virtually. Megacities, digital platforms, and business coalitions will frame the future of mobility.

  • Mobility will create competition among megacities, and geographic ecosystems will compete with one another.
  • Extracting value from data will be crucial through relational business models, digital platforms and open‑source approaches.
  • Coalitions and agile ways of working will be required, as technology is evolving faster than internal organizations and capabilities.

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