Aimsun Quality Policy

Aimsun managers promote the necessary awareness of our principles at all levels. We actively encourage our business partners to act under an equivalent policy.

Our global customer base appreciates the innovative power of our digital mobility solutions, as well as their reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. We see it as our responsibility to our customers, partners, and employees to meet this standard of quality every day.

Aimsun follows Yunex Traffic Management System and shares the principles of the business policy in pursuit of business excellence:

  • We consider it our primary responsibility to achieve satisfaction with all our customers and cultivate lasting trust in our custom solutions.
  • We strive for constructive, long-term, and trusting relationships with our partners around the world, in compliance with the law and the highest ethical standards.
  • We promote the competence, creativity, diversity, and performance of our employees.

These principles are implemented through the following quality objectives:

  • To develop and sell high-quality reliable digital mobility solutions.
  • To act in accordance with the applicable rules and to deliver top results with our business partners according to high ethical standards.
  • To meet the requirements of our customers, both negotiated and reasonably expected, to their full satisfaction.
  • To continually monitor and optimize the processes based on application-specific experience and recognized standards to achieve the highest customer benefits while maintaining cost effectiveness.
  • For our managers, who delegate responsibility to their employees, to demonstrate exemplary behavior, to provide them with targeted information, to coach them, and to train and develop them in line with their needs.

This forward-looking commitment strengthens our competitiveness, and the competitiveness of our customers lays the foundation for our mutually successful future.

Aimsun is part of the Yunex Traffic Group and we abide by the Yunex Traffic Code of Ethics.

Compliance means more than just adhering to laws and internal regulations – we show zero tolerance for corruption, competition violations, and other violations of applicable law – and where they do occur, we apply a consistent response. Compliance forms the basis of all our decisions and activities and is the key to integrity in business conduct.

In our daily work, we observe professional and ethical integrity, we comply with the laws and regulations in all countries where we operate and act under the principles of honesty, reliability, impartiality, loyalty, transparency, fairness and good faith.

Aimsun is committed to a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. We foster wellbeing and want our people to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. We provide a working environment inspired by principles of equality and protection of freedom, dignity and respect.

A reporting channel for compliance violations as well as professional and fair investigations is essential for identifying and fully resolving misconduct and remediating vulnerabilities.

Aimsun provides internal and external whistleblowers with the compliance whistleblowing system RegTech as a secure reporting channel, which can be used to provide information online around the clock, anonymously if desired.

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Aimsun Next 24

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Aimsun Next 24

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