Bangkok's first real-time traffic simulation and prediction system

December 18th, 2023

We are proud to be partnering with Burapha University to deliver the first real-time traffic simulation and prediction system in Bangkok for the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT).  

Bangkok is one of the busiest and fastest growing cities in Asia and the project covers some 110km of three major expressways (Chaloem Maha Nakhon Expressway, Si Rat Expressway and Chalong Rat Expressway) and alternative routes. The team is moving fast to deliver a real-time decision support system since the award of this project in August 2023.  

At the heart of this project is Aimsun Live, our real-time predictive traffic management solution. Aimsun Live combines the best of simulation and data analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver applications for monitoring and predicting traffic conditions in under 5 minutes.  

Aimsun Live slots right into EXAT’s Expressway traffic management centre (ETM), continuously processing live field data collected from their extensive network of data sensors along the expressways and simulating vehicle movement inside the road networks, with full temporal coverage, 24/7/365. Its speed and accuracy mean that ETM’s traffic operators can use these predictions to preempt potential problems and take action to minimize congestion and prioritise resources.

Aimsun Live was chosen because: 

  • It is a full digital twin that is fed with real-time data on a virtual road network with real-world lane configuration details, traffic control devices, local drivers’ behaviour in a mixed-traffic environment, like Bangkok.
  • It is fast, scalable, and customisable to different data sources and evaluation KPIs.
  • It offers an integrated offline simulation platform that allows multi-level of modelling to suit different use cases and strategic planning needs of EXAT.


This month, we hosted a delegation from Thailand, with 21 representatives from EXAT and Burapha University, led by Mr Pittaya Thanavanichkul, Director of Information Technology Department of EXAT, for a technical visit to Australia and Singapore.

We were proud to show the delegation various projects: the M4 Smart Motorway in Sydney, where Aimsun Live was deployed; the Burnley Tunnel and freeway-to-freeway ramp metering implementation in Melbourne; the Brisbane metro project, and many other innovative digital mobility solutions that Aimsun and Yunex Traffic offer to support the smart expressway initiatives for EXAT. We even had a surprise for EXAT, with our CEO, Alex Torday, welcoming the delegation in our Sydney office!

A big thank you to VicRoads Australia and Land Transport Authority of Singapore for hosting the delegation in their state-of-the-art traffic management centres.

Watch this space for more updates as the Aimsun team accelerates to deliver our first Aimsun Live project in Bangkok.

Aimsun Live

A complete decision support solution for real-time transportation management. Operate a complex, large-scale mobility network smoothly and reliably in all conditions.

Aimsun Live

A complete decision support solution for real-time transportation management. Operate a complex, large-scale mobility network smoothly and reliably in all conditions.

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