The Aimsun Forum

The Aimsun Forum is an online discussion group that is open to all of our licensed users. Newly revamped and now hosted on the Discourse platform, the Forum is a space where all members of the Aimsun community can exchange information related to Aimsun Next software, debate different modeling approaches and ask or answer questions.

While the Aimsun team usually stays out of the way for the most part, we do monitor the messages and will step in to help if necessary.

If you already have your Aimsun account username and password, you can sign in right now:

If you need us to create an account for you, please write to asking to join the Aimsun Forum.

IMPORTANT: you will need to write from your company/organization email address. We cannot provide account details to personal email domains.

The Forum is also open to holders of free or temporary software licenses such as the Student edition or the Aimsun Next Viewer.

See you there!

  • Got a question? Get in touch.

    We are here to help!


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