The Aimsun Software Users’ Forum

The Aimsun Forum is open to all of all our licensed users. In this lively on-line discussion group, users exchange information related to Aimsun Next applications, debate different modeling approaches and ask or answer questions. And while we stay out of the way for the most part, our engineers do keep an eye on the forum and step in to help when needed.

Forum users should note that, for security reasons, the forum automatically discards e-mail attachments. Users wishing to share a document such as a paper, an example model or an Aimsun Next API extension, can send it to; after ensuring it’s safe, we will make it available to other users through the website.


If you are a licensed Aimsun Next user, just enter your email address below to join the Aimsun Forum. You will receive a reply from the forum moderator confirming your subscription.

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