January 7-11, 2024 | Washington, D.C, USA

TRB Annual Meeting 2024

The Aimsun team look forward to meeting you at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 103rd Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Aimsun is a proud Silver Sponsor at the 2024 TRB Annual Meeting!

Meet the Aimsun team at booth #711

Matthew Juckes
President, Aimsun Inc
Sara Pardo
Global Head of Product Development
Paolo Rinelli
Global Head of Product Management
Jordi Casas
Global Head of R&D
Josep Maria Aymami
Head of Market Expansion
Martin McMullan
Regional Head of Business Development
Athina Tympakianaki
Senior Scientific Researcher
Geline Canayon
Product Specialist
Margaret Cheng
Transportation Modeler
Juan Angarita
Scientific Researcher
Antonio Pellicer
Scientific Researcher

Nuria Toribio
Data Scientist

Javier Fernández
Data Scientist

Join us at TRB Annual Meeting​

Our team will be showcasing Aimsun transportation solutions for:

Long-term strategic planning

Near-term operational planning for traffic works and events​

Accurate data-driven predictive analysis – online and offline​

Live situational awareness & incident detection​

Data insights for network performance - live and historical

Simulation-based decision support for real-time operations

Mini-lectures at the Aimsun stand

Only got ten minutes? No problem! We’re running a series of mini sessions at the Aimsun stand on Monday and Tuesday. Drop by and learn something on your lunch break.

With Sergi Pujadas, Senior Transport Modeler.

We propose an unsupervised technique based on univariate time-series anomaly detection for computationally efficient incident detection in real-world scenarios.

With Lampros Yfantis, Scientific Researcher.

New tools and methods for optimizing traffic, network and mobility management operations via centralized coordination and/or distributed intelligence

With Ferran Torrent, Senior Data Scientist.

Traffic time series forecasting is a problem that needs a variety of ML techniques to build a reliable and efficient forecasting system. We tackle pattern discovery and prediction, and time series prediction in the face of data drift and examine how to extend predictions beyond observable links to achieve a holistic, AI-based traffic prediction system. 

With Marcel Sala, Scientific Researcher.

Simulating multimodal door-to-gate and gate-to-door air travel journeys to improve reliability and the passenger experience

With Geline Canayon, Product Specialist and Gabriela Perales Betancourt, Traffic Systems Engineer from Yunex Traffic.

Careers in Motion Networking Fair

Sunday, January 8th | 10:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Exhibit Hall A of the Washington Convention Center

Career Fair stand: B560

We encourage transportation professionals from all career levels to join Aimsun!

We’ll be at the career fair to give you feedback on your resume and qualifications and tell you firsthand about some of our job opportunities!


Cloud Computing and Technology as a Service for Transportation Systems Management and Operations​

Sunday, January 8th | 1:30 –
4:30pm ET

Event number 103B

In this workshop, Matthew Juckes and other leading professionals will educate participants on the basics of cloud computing and technology as a service. This workshop session will address which types of tools are suitable for the cloud or procured as a service. As well as exploring critical issues of data privacy, ownership, and cybersecurity and the impacts on procurement, operations, and maintenance.

Emerging Freeway Operations Concepts Subcommittee

Monday, January 9th | 1:30pm – 3:15pm ET

Hosted by Phil Masters (Parsons), Athena Hutchins (NITTEC) and Matthew Juckes (Aimsun).

The Emerging Freeway Operations Concepts Subcommittee is responsible for identifying, collecting and advocating the potential for new and emerging freeway operations-related concepts.

Simulation and Connected and Automated Vehicles Subcommittee, ACP20(4)

Simulation tool for assessing future traffic management systems

Monday, January 9th | 6:00pm – 7:30pm ET

Presented by Athina Tympakianaki

This presentation is an overview of European research projects related to multimodal traffic management, where the simulation of future scenarios considering CAVs is a key aspect. Concretely, we are going to give an overview of 2 projects SAFE-UP and FRONTIER.

Simulation Subcommittee (SimSub)

Tools and Methodologies – Model robustness

Monday, January 9th | 7:30pm – 10:00pm ET

Presented by Athina Tympakianaki

Validation and Calibration of traffic simulation models are a persistent challenge. In this presentation we will provide an overview of tools and methodologies to improve model robustness.

Poster Session

Data-driven modeling and simulation evaluation of shared mobility services – a bike-sharing case study in Madrid

Tuesday, January 10th | 3:45pm – 5:30pm ET

Event number 3197

Hosted by Athina Tympakianaki, our Senior Scientific Researcher at Aimsun, and other leading professionals.

Shared mobility services offer a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional transport modes, but modeling such new modes is challenging. Traditional transport models are not up to the task, so we propose a modeling framework that combines data-driven and simulation models to support shared mobility operators and cities in their decision-making process and deployments. 

The framework was tested for a hypothetical deployment of the public bike-sharing service in Madrid (BiciMAD), in the district of Villa de Vallecas. The demand for the service was estimated using a data-driven demand prediction model, trained with historical data from the service operations, while the service supply characteristics (fleet size, optimal number of stations and locations) were determined through an optimization module.

The tool is flexible in designing and assessing different deployment scenarios and can be used to derive key performance indicators that assist policy makers and operators in determining the best strategies.

The Research was performed within the MOMENTUM Horizon 2020 project (MOMENTUM – Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility).

Head over to the TRB homepage to find the full program, including details on all sessions and workshops.
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