Modelling World International

April 19-22, 2021

Modelling World, the UK and Europe’s largest and best data and modelling event is going global.


For the first time ever, Modelling World will connect transport and pedestrian modelling professionals, advisory and strategic modellers, data scientists and transport economist in international debate, and enable discussion of the biggest questions of the day – all virtually


The event will take place over three days and across several time zones. It will feature live plenary debates that discuss local, regional and global challenges, expert modules and breakout sessions covering the latest best practice, innovation and thought leadership. Even better, if will give professionals across the world a unique opportunity to network with international colleagues

Aimsun is session sponsor for the session on Modelling the New Normal

   April 21st
  14:30h – 16:00h (CET)

Matt Juckes will present “As the world goes back to normal, are our models ready?”


Gav Jackman will present “Project NEVFMA: how does a real-time prediction model work in unpredictable times?”

With these times locking us down right across the globe, I’m sure we all feel the needs and benefits of being, and staying, healthily connected. Perhaps more so, the COVID-19 situation has made us realise that - no matter what the distance - we all face common challenges and issues across our industry. This distance is nowhere more enthusiastically felt in the world than from the geographical position of Australia and New Zealand

Dave Keenan, Aimsun Pty Ltd

Dave is the National Chair of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Transport Modelling Network (AitpmTMN), providing a national modelling point of reference for practitioners in traffic and transport planning and management. Traffic planning and management is an integrated activity involving infrastructure management and operations, demand management, transport planning, economics, freight, road safety, public transport and optimisation for non-motorised transportation modes.


As such, it sits closely alongside network modelling as a key focus across the national, regional and locally-based economies of Australia and New Zealand.


AITPM’s Transport Modelling Network provides a diverse range of knowledge and skills-building opportunities in this, through a multitude of annual events.


The AITPM network is extensive, with more than 4,000 members and corporate members registered across Australia. Dave is also the AitpmTMN representative on the NZ Modelling User Group (NZMugs), a sub-group of the NZ Transportation Group within Engineers New Zealand, dedicated likewise to promoting the interests and engagement of transportation systems modelling across New Zealand.