SimSub and SimCap Summer Meeting

June 25, Online

 The Simulation Subcommittee (SimSub) is a joint subcommittee of ACP20, ACP25, ACP40, ACP50, ACP55, ACP80, AEP40, and AMS10. SimSub aims to: converge and support dialogue between key industry, user-related, and research groups in the traffic simulation field as to foster joint efforts, improve products, and address user needs. 


ITE Simulation and Capacity Analysis Committee (SimCap) is a volunteer network of professionals who have organized together to share experiences and promote best practices in the application of traffic simulation and capacity analysis tools, methods, and related practice areas. 


 Meeting Objectives 

  • Learn of ITE SimCap: its mission and goals, local Chapters, and past and upcoming activities. 
  • Learn of recent SimSub activities—including updates from the User Needs, Resources, and Liaison/Outreach task groups. 
  • Hear the latest updates from varied simulation software vendors, including: Aimsun, Caliper Corporation, and PTV Group. 

Aimsun in the SimSub and SimCap Summer Meeting​

9:00 – 10:30am CST

Our Jordi Casas will be giving an Aimsun simulation software vendor update and is also a volunteer helping to update the Transportation System Simulation Manual (TSSM), for which there will be a progress report at the same meeting.  

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