New release: Aimsun Next 8.3

We are excited to present you with the final release of Aimsun Next 8.3.

This latest version of our software is focused on improving the performance of all model runs, enriching the tools for the preparation of the traffic demand, and removing constraints when running microsimulations with pedestrians.

New features include:

Multiple threads in mesoscopic simulation for faster run times than ever


Reduced APA file size for quicker writing and reloading

Reduced DUE computational times

Profiled route choice intervals

Improved speed of OD adjustment experiments for static and dynamic matrix adjustment,
departure and for departure time profiling

Aimsun Next 8.3 Public Beta

Decoupling of vehicle simulation steps from Legion for Aimsun simulation steps

The previous restriction of a 0.6s simulation step when microsimulating with Legion for Aimsun no longer applies. The latest version of our microscopic simulator accepts any simulation step.

Dynamic Departure Time Adjustment

A new Dynamic Departure adjustment performs peak spreading to simulate drivers changing their departure time in order to achieve the same arrival time as congestion in the road network increases.

Detector stations

We’ve introduced this new object to easily provide aggregated detector data. A detector station emulates a single detector that covers several lanes for easier management; it also supports simulation validation at station level when the real data set has data by section instead of by lane.

Aimsun Next 8.3 Public Beta


Extended functionality to import real data, generate outputs, and figure in matrix adjustments.

WMS (Web Map Service) data importer

User interface in Russian

The addition of this major world language complements the existing interfaces languages available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese.

Further information

For more detail, please refer to the Aimsun Next 8.3 New Features guide.

If you are not yet a license holder and you’d like to test the new functionalities, please contact

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    ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte!

  • ¿Tienes alguna pregunta? Ponte en contacto.

    ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte!