Marco de modelización del transporte integrado de Abu Dhabi

Marzo de 2022: En un proyecto de escala y complejidad sin precedentes, todo el emirato de Abu Dhabi va a contar con un marco de modelización del transporte de última generación, todo en uno, construido sobre los pilares del big data, la modelización integrada de varios niveles y la visualización.

Why companies should invest in research

Mark Brackstone’s LinkedIn, Sep 2021: Did you know that Aimsun now has a dedicated Research Projects team? Created in January this year, our new team already has three members with more to join us soon.

Tackling air quality issues in England

The Curb Newsletter, Jul 2021: We’ve spoken to Gav Jackman, Managing Director of Aimsun UK, about one of their exciting projects which has shown how to improve air quality with innovative and connected technologies.

The Environmental Supermodel

TMAA Detours. Jun 2021: Reducing transport-related pollution is a job for everyone in the industry, and as Paul Hutton in the UK writes, a solution being perfected in the English city of Oxford could help us here in Australia

OmniCAV teaser trailer

OmniCAV blog, Mar 2021: First glimpse of the integration of Aimsun software with the XPI Simulation environment and Ordnance Survey mapping.

Modelling the new mobility

ITS International, Feb 2021: How do digital twins allow city planners to test out new road layouts virtually? Aimsun’s Moussa Ravel and Aurore Remy explain how things have worked in the French capital

Preparing for the road: When and where can CAVs serve?

OmniCAV blog, Jan 2021: George Economides, the Future of Mobility team leader at Oxfordshire County Council, discusses the challenges of international CAV collaboration, and how simulations and operational design domain can bridge the gaps.

Traffic on the digital road

Dec 2020, GSV Yearbook: Dr Karin Kraschl-Hirschmann describes the potential of Aimsun and Siemens ITS solutions for evaluating multimodal door-to-door travel and even smart traffic systems and connected cities in Austria.

OmniCAV environment capture

OmniCAV blog, Sept 2020: Simon Navin of Ordnance Survey describes the preparation of geospatial data for simulating self-driving systems and how test and simulation environments can be developed using location information.

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