Der digitale Straßenverkehr

Dez 2020, GSV Jahrbuch: Dr. Karin Kraschl-Hirschmann beschreibt das Potenzial der ITS-Lösungen von Aimsun und Siemens für die Bewertung des multimodalen Tür-zu-Tür-Verkehrs bis hin zu intelligenten Verkehrssystemen und vernetzten Städten in Österreich.

Models will have to be redesigned

Highway News, April 30, 2020: At the ITS Canada webinar, Matthew Juckes asks whether we will ever go back to “normal” and discusses how the transportation industry needs a robust modeling system that is flexible enough to test multiple, ever-changing scenarios.

Digital Twins

AV International magazine, October 2019: Gavin Jackman explains how
creating a digital twin of the real world enables safe exploration
of autonomous and connected vehicle technology.

Synergy PRIME multi-level modelling

May 2019: The Alan Turing Institute team has integrated population growth projections, agent-based modelling and Aimsun traffic simulation to assist the development of intelligent transport systems.

Final release of Aimsun Next 8.4

May 2019: The final release of Aimsun Next 8.4 features enhanced modeling capability for connected and autonomous vehicles at different levels of detail.