CIVITAS Forum Conference

27-29 September 2017, Torres Vedras

The TSS team will be attending the 2017 edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference, where we are proud lunch sponsors every day throughout the event. Come and meet them at our exhibition stand and ask to see a demonstration of what Aimsun traffic modelling software can do for you.

CIVITAS is a network of cities for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond. Since it was launched by the European Commission in 2002, the CIVITAS Initiative has tested and implemented over 800 measures and urban transport solutions as part of demonstration projects in more than 80 Living Lab cities Europe-wide.

CIVITAS offers practitioners opportunities to see innovative transport solutions being developed and deployed first-hand, and learn from peers and experts working in the field. CIVITAS nurtures political commitment, new marketable solutions, and offers funding and knowledge exchange with a view to creating growth and better connected, more sustainable transport modes.

The project works on 10 thematic areas, related to sustainable transport mobility covering: Car-Independent Lifestyles, Clean Fuels & Vehicles, Collective Passenger Transport, Demand Management Strategies, Integrated Planning, Mobility Management, Public Involvement, Safety & Security, Transport Telematics, and Urban Freight Logistics.

An innovative element of this year’s programme is the CIVITAS Deployment Day, which aims to directly connect developers of new tools, methods, and approaches with potential users.

Torres Vedras was chosen to host the CIVITAS Forum 2017 because of its active involvement in CIVINET Portugal-Spain and the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee, demonstrating a strong political commitment to sustainable mobility issues and to the CIVITAS Network. It is the smallest municipality to ever host a CIVITAS Forum Conference and one of Portugal’s prime examples of sustainable urban development, so this year “small communities, big ideas” is an appropriate theme.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Aimsun traffic modelling software at CIVITAS Forum Conference
Aimsun traffic modelling software at CIVITAS Forum Conference
Aimsun traffic modelling software at CIVITAS Forum Conference