Rijswijk uses Aimsun software in successful green wave expansion

19 December 2013

Royal HaskoningDHV reports on a recent project using Aimsun traffic modelling software in Rijswijk, a suburb of The Hague in The Netherlands: ‘Groen licht voor verkeersafwikkeling Rijswijk’ (in Dutch only).

English translation of article:

Green light for traffic flow in Rijswijk

The town of Rijswijk is delighted with traffic flow on Princess Beatrix Street and Sir W. Churchill Avenue. The traffic flow on these roads is greatly improved since the expansion of the green wave* and the solution of specific problems within the network. Royal HaskoningDHV optimized the traffic based on census data, surveillance and extensive simulations using Aimsun traffic simulation software.

Project challenges included the expansion of the existing green wave from six to nine intersections and fixing certain bottlenecks. Some crossroads often suffered from long queues in the direction of the A4, causing blockages at other intersections in the network. Resetting the traffic lights has allowed greater capacity on the main routes. The residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods were informed about the changes by letter and text message.

The town of Rijswijk recently announced that the lights are working well. The traffic situation on Princess Beatrix Street has been under constant observation over the last two weeks and the conclusion was that the green wave works well and allows for better traffic flow. Visitors to the mall in the Bogaard are positive about the new exit from the Q-parking garage. The municipality continues to actively monitor Princess Beatrix Street.

*A green wave is when traffic managers coordinate a series of traffic lights (usually at least three) to allow continuous traffic flow over several intersections in one direction.

For further information about TSS’s collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV in English, please click here. For more information in Dutch, please click here.  

© 2013 Reproduced with kind permission from Royal HaskoningDHV.