New release: Aimsun 8.1.2

Aimsun 8.1.2 brings you Dynamic User Equilibrium enhancements, an interface with SCATS ITS Dataport for users with access to the Adaptive Control Interfaces license, a beta version of a SIDRA INTERSECTION control plan importer/exporter, and more.

New release: Aimsun 8.1.1

Aimsun 8.1.1 brings features such as file generation for the VERSIT+ emissions and energy use model, incremental DUE, a user interface for the APA Fixer and Legion for Aimsun compatibility with Spaceworks R6.

New release: Aimsun 8.0.8

For the first time, the Aimsun 8 user interface is available in Mandarin Chinese in addition to English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Hybrid model of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport now complete

Aéroports de Paris has completed the road simulation model throughout the airport area of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. The hybrid model is built using Aimsun traffic modelling software, which combines simultaneous microscopic and mesoscopic simulation

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