Aimsun Next Case Studies

Tel Aviv HOT Lane

The project owners wanted to know if the partially tolled Fast Lane running parallel to Highway 1 would remain operational and profitable if they were to double the capacity of the park and ride facility serving the airport.

Abu Dhabi: Hybrid Simulation Model

The Hybrid Simulation Model will enhance ITC’s modeling capabilities, adding a multi-tiered dynamic simulation model alongside the strategic demand model within the STEAM+ framework.

Paris – Eiffel Tower Development

The project aims to study different proposals for improving the urban design of the Eiffel Tower area and provide a more pleasant space for soft modes such as pedestrians and bicycles.

Paris: City Center Pedestrianization

The client wanted to evaluate the impact on traffic reports of pedestrianizing the historic center of Paris, as is already commonly experienced every Sunday when these areas are closed to traffic.

Metz Métropole four-step model

Close to the German, Luxembourg and Belgian borders, Metz Métropole (Metz Metropolitan Community) has 230,000 inhabitants spread over 44 municipalities.

Paris: Place de la Nation Model

The project is part of the redevelopment program of the Seven Squares of the City of Paris. These squares are: Bastille, Fêtes, Gambetta, Italie, Madeleine, Nation and Panthéon.

Recalibration of the Paris model

The client wanted a ready-to-use model to study all future projects over many time horizons and to benefit from a variety of dynamic statistics.

Barcelona Tramlink Study

The tram lines serving the east and west sides of the city do not currently link. RACC Mobility Club wanted to evaluate the proposal to join up Barcelona’s two existing tram networks via a new 4km tram line running through the center of Barcelona along Diagonal Avenue.

Sydney: CBD Aimsun Next Model

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is developing an innovative, multi-layered traffic model of Sydney’s central business district (CBD) to test the impacts of a wide range of projects particularly the introduction of light rail through the city centre.

South Nevada Traffic Study

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) needed to conduct a system-wide evaluation of the existing and future freeway system in Clark County, with a focus on current and projected congestion and other operational deficiencies.

Sydney M4 Smart Motorway Offline Hybrid Model

TfNSW understood that delays on alternative corridors would lead to some drivers choosing to take a different route, either occasionally or all the time, when measures such as SCATS Ramp Metering System (SRMS) or additional lanes were introduced.

Artois-Gohelle four-step model

Artois-Gohelle is a strategic modeling project developed exclusively with Aimsun Next. This project covers an area of about 750 km2 with a population of 600,000 inhabitants.

Townsville four-step model

With the ever-increasing demand for traffic modeling, Townsville City Council (TCC) found that the resources required were getting larger and more complicated by the year, which had a knock-on effect on the technical complication of transferring information.

Toronto Pan Am Games Hybrid Model

For the Pan Am Games, the MTO needed a tool to test and optimize the network capacity – the aim was to provide quick and unobstructed travel between the sports venues for the Games athletes, workforce and spectators, whilst minimizing disruption to local road networks.

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