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For the EU C-ROADS project, Aimsun is helping to develop Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) by simulating cooperative V2X communication.

Tauranga Transport Hybrid Model

Tauranga's existing strategic travel demand model has been closely coupled with a new hybrid mesoscopic-microscopic supply model in Aimsun Next.

Paris: Eiffel Tower Mission

In the context of the competition for redesigning the Eiffel Tower area by 2023, the Paris City Council commissioned a wide-area microscopic model for the contestants to use to present their project proposals.

New Delhi: citywide hybrid model

The New Delhi hybrid model incorporates a wide range of vehicle types, and a specially adapted version of the microsimulator can include non-lane-based behavior.

Calais: Eurotunnel freight terminal model

Eurotunnel's Strategic Development team used Aimsun Next to test different scenarios for the layout at the Calais freight terminal. The optimum layout selected allows Eurotunnel to fulfill or even exceed its promise to clients of a total journey time of 90 minutes.

Athens: modelling congestion pricing and its environmental impact

The Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is developing a detailed traffic model of the entire metropolitan area of Athens for simulating road traffic and supporting energy-efficient transport decisions.

Sydney: CBD Aimsun Next Model

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is developing an innovative, multi-layered traffic model of Sydney’s central business district (CBD) to test the impacts of a wide range of projects particularly the introduction of light rail through the city centre.

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