‘Urban Traffic Management and Air Quality project’

ITS UK Annual Review

April 2015

The ITS-UK Annual Review 2015 has published an article on how satellite technology could help the UK Government as it faces mounting European Commission pressure to meet European air quality standards: The Urban Traffic Management and Air Quality project (uTRAQ) is a European Space Agency demonstration project led by TRL, which will lay the groundwork for a new system that uses traffic and air quality data modelling to predict traffic flow scenarios based on transport patterns, traffic management regimes, and emission profiles.

Christopher Kettell, TRL; Mark Brackstone, Jordi Casas and Josep Maria Aymami, TSS–Transport Simulation Systems; Roland Leigh, Ed Lamb and Antoine Jeanjean, University of Leicester

Read the full article here or click on the image.


© 2015 Reproduced with kind permission of ITS-UK.

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