‘TSS adds London to its list of client cities – audio’

Smart Highways

22 September 2015

The traffic modelling company TSS-Transport Simulation Systems has announced it is to provide modelling support for Transport for London.

At an event in London today (22nd September), the company’s Executive Director Dr Alex Gerodimos said that TfL is procuring its Aimsun software for tactical and operational modelling in the London area.

He told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton: “the key difference [between Aimsun and other modelling software] is that it’s integrated, meaning that it incorporates different modelling levels such as macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic all into one package and that hasn’t been done before and it does give a very significant advantage in terms of the flexibility a user can have.”

“We certainly hope that the use of Aimsun on a larger scale than what has been possible before and for a broader range of operational planning challenges will make it less unpleasant for citizens in London commuting in London whatever their mode.”

© 2015 Published with kind permission from Smart Highways.

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