‘The OptiCities Project’

TEC – ITS France

September 2015

In a special bilingual French-English edition, TEC magazine reports on the European Opticities project to develop and test particularly innovative ITS tools in an urban environment. These innovative tools, which include the Aimsun Online real-time decision support system, will collect data, control multimodal traffic in real time, provide multimodal information in real time, and strategic decision support tools. Coordinated by the Grand Lyon, the project was launched in late 2012 and has 25 partners in 7 European countries, supported by the European Commission, the DG for Research and Innovation.

One of Opticities’ activities is to integrate one-hour traffic prediction into the traffic control systems of Grand Lyon and the city of Birmingham. The company SPIE, tasked with developing the traffic control system for Grand Lyon, is partnering with the Opticities project on that development.

The traffic management centre of Grand Lyon, called CRITER, makes it possible to manage traffic in real time for 3000 km of roads in the urban area, by scheduling traffic light intersections to match the real-world situation as closely as possible, along with green-wave management and top priority for public transit.

To read the article in full, in French and English, click Project Opticities or on the images opposite.


© 2015 Published with kind permission from Revue TEC .

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