Teaching autonomous cars to drive like humans

WIRED UK Magazine
Tuesday 2 February 2021


The HumanDrive project is in WIRED UK Magazine! Learn how Aimsun simulations can fill in the data gaps in real-life AV testing, creating artificial edge cases.

Within HumanDrive, Aimsun is working with Highways England to investigate the effect of CAVs on the strategic road network via the implementation of a simple CAV control strategy within a new class of vehicles in an extensive simulated network. The two networks selected for testing represent a motorway (the M1 around Sheffield) and another a more complex A road configuration in the Sunderland area (A19), which contains roundabouts and signalised junctions.


The microscopic impact of CAVs on differing groups of road users will be investigated in the peak period, and variables such as following headway and deceleration limits varied in order to see how the percentage and characteristics of the equipped vehicles affect capacity (speed, headway etc) and even emissions Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of both the CAV, and non-CAV traffic; this provides a basic cost-benefit assessment for stakeholders to judge steps needed in planning for the appearance of CAVs on the road network.

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Aimsun is a partner in the #HumanDrive project, working with Nissan Motor Corporation, Cranfield University, University of Leeds, Atkins, Highways England, HORIBA MIRA, SBD Automotive, Connected Places Catapult and Hitachi.


More information here: https://humandrive.co.uk/

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