‘Aimsun implementations in Canada ‘

Podcast from ITS Canada by Thinking Highways, May 2016

Podcast: Aimsun implementations in Canada





Bob McQueen interviews Matthew Juckes (Principal Consultant, TSS) at the 2016 ITS Canada Annual Conference and Exhibition in Calgary AB.


Matt discusses some high-profile Aimsun projects such as the very large-scale mesoscopic model that MTO initially built to cover the 400-series of highways and then used to model planning and operations for the 2015 Pan Am Games. The focus here was on modelling the impact of changing the HOV lanes from 2+ to 3+ during the Games period.


Matthew also looks at another large-scale mesoscopic model in Montreal, where Ville de Montreal’s modelling team has introduced pockets of microsimulation in order to study transit signal priority (TSP).


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Podcast: Aimsun implementations in Canada


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