Simulating a mobility revolution: connected and autonomous vehicles

Intertraffic World 2019 Showcase

November 2018

Testing connected and autonomous vehicles doesn’t begin on the road – the latest modeling software can create accurate virtual worlds that enable vehicle manufacturers and traffic managers to explore the limits of the technology in order to enable safer real-world deployment.

Widespread use of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) is drawing closer, and the role of simulation in transportation planning, design and engineering has never been more vital. In an arena with so many unknowns, simulation is perfectly suited to testing: it provides a safe, risk-free environment that is extensible and flexible enough to cope with changing parameters and a multitude of variables, but that also has the power to analyze many scenarios in a matter of minutes.

Click on the article below to read the full story about our new V2X Software Development Kit and current CAV research and development projects.

Simulating a mobility revolution: Connected and autonomous vehicles
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