Review: Aimsun Users’ Meeting, Australia 2014

A big thank you to everyone who came to this year’s Aimsun Users’ Meeting and for once again making it such a success, particularly those of you who gave presentations.

We thank you also for your very positive and constructive feedback. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Matthew Jones (in blue) and Malcolm Bradley (in green), of Transport for NSW, present the challenges of developing mesoscopic traffic models in a strategic planning agency

Matthew and Malcolm taking questions, with Alex Torday of TSS.

Bryan Li of GTA, presents Aimsun integrated modelling

Bryan particularly focussed on large-scale planning applications

Iwan Smith of Jacobs talks about calibrating large-scale mesoscopic models….

…and the ‘tyranny of complexity’

Timothy Lim of TSS showcases the Townsville strategic model in Aimsun

Alex Torday opens up the floor for the closing debate

Aimsun training course, Sydney: Jordi Casas, TSS R&D Director, teaching participants how to get the best out of mesoscopic behavioural models