19-22 June 2017, Sydney

Training Course: Aimsun Advanced A-Z

This four-day, hands-on Aimsun training course covers all aspects of building and editing models at all levels (micro-meso-macro) in Aimsun.

Course location

Saxons Training Facilities, Sydney
Level 10
10 Barrack Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Prices and registration

For prices and registration details, fill out the Sydney training course registration form and send it to info@aimsun.com.

Course Contents

The course is aimed at both new users and users who wish to refresh or extend their skills in microscopic, mesoscopic, hybrid and macro modelling.


Day 1

Editing exercises
  • Geometry, traffic demand, public transport and control, etc.
Creating scenarios – exercises
  • Dynamic scenarios, microscopic experiments and replications

Day 2

  • Presentation of results
  • Results exercises: showing results graphically and numerically
Traffic management exercises
  • Incidents, forced turns, closing lanes and turns


Day 3

Stochastic route choice
  • Presentation of stochastic route choice
  • Stochastic route choice exercise
Microscopic model
  • Presentation of microscopic model
  • Parameters
  • Exercises in microscopic modelling


Day 4

Macroscopic modelling
  • Traffic assignment
  • Adjusting matrices
  • Transversal matrices
  • Exercises
Mesoscopic model and DUE
  • Presentation of mesoscopic model
  • Parameters
  • Presentation of dynamic user equilibrium
  • Exercises in mesoscopic modelling
  • Hybrid model


Aimsun training course location: Saxons Sydney Training Facilities

Aimsun training course, Sydney

Our training courses are in small groups with plenty of hands-on exercises

Aimsun training course, Sydney

Scenario comparison

Aimsun training course, Sydney

Mesoscopic simulation of Disneyland

Aimsun training course, Sydney

Microsimulation of Belo Horizonte