Aimsun Online in OPTICITIES: transport and mobility strategies for smart cities

SPIE, one of the leaders in France in IT consulting, integration and information management, is to implement a real-time traffic management solution using Aimsun Online. SPIE is part of the consortium behind the OPTICITIES project. Launched in 2013, the OPTICITIES programme offers a standardisation for access to data, integrates traffic forecasting in regulation systems and tests a unique service providing continuity between the multimodal navigation application and on-board systems in cars (smartphones, vehicle GPS).

Grand Lyon is leading the OPTICITIES project to meet the challenges of an integrated multimodal transport system. Grand Lyon has set up an efficient traffic management centre called CRITER that will support most of the studies for OPTICITIES. The Aimsun Online decision support system will be implemented within CRITER.


  • Duration of the European project: 2013 – 2016
  • Name of the European programme: FP7 – Transport
  • The role of Lyon in the European project: lead partner
  • Lead partner in the European project: Grand Lyon (France)
  • Topics addressed in the European project: smart cities, urban mobility
  • Partner cities: Birmingham (United Kingdom), Gothenburg (Sweden), Turin (Italy)
  • Other partners in the European project: City of Madrid (Spain), City of Worclaw (Poland), Eurocities network, other private and university structures
  • Budget for the European project: total cost: 13000000.00 EUR
  • European funding: 9000000.00 EUR